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Individual tutoring
If you prefer individual tutoring we suggest that you take up private lessons in Estonian (up to two learners). You can choose the most suitable days and times for yourself, and we are very flexible at meeting your needs. If you cannot participate in your next lesson we ask that you inform us at least 24 hours in advance. The prices for private lessons depends on the time of day at which they are taken. One academic hour is 45 minutes. When two persons participate, the sum per person will be halved. 20% income tax return when paying for the classes as a private person.
NB! Motiiv Stuudio has a training license issued by the Ministry of Education and Research. You will be compensated for your training costs up to 320 euros when you pass an Estonian level exam at Innove. Read more at:
Number of academic hours / time08:00 17:3017:30 20:30
1 60 ac.hours19 EUR/45 min20 EUR/45 min
Over 60 ac. hours18 EUR/45 min19 EUR/45 min
At the weekend20 EUR/45 min20 EUR/45 min
SKYPE-lessons19 EUR/45 min19 EUR/45 min
To test your language level (for all levels except beginners) we kindly ask that you contact us either by phone: +372 5650 5023; or e-mail us:
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