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Price list
Source languageTarget languagePRICE*
EnglishEstonian12 EUR/page
GermanEstonian13 EUR/page
RussianEstonian12 EUR/page
SwedishEstonian13 EUR/page
FrenchEstonian13 EUR/page
PortugueseEstonian13 EUR/page
SpanishEstonian13 EUR/page
FinnishEstonian13 EUR/page
EstonianEnglish13 EUR/page
EstonianGerman13 EUR/page
EstonianRussian13 EUR/page
EstonianPortuguese13 EUR/page
EstonianSpanish13 EUR/page
EstonianSwedish13 EUR/page
EstonianFinnish13 EUR/page
RussianUkrainian13 EUR/page
UkrainianRussian13 EUR/page
EnglishUkrainian13 EUR/page
UkrainianEnglish13 EUR/page
Estonian4-7 EUR/page
foreign language5-8 EUR/page
* Value added tax is added to prices
One translation page is 1800 characters with spaces. The final price will be determined on the basis of the translated textís characters.

In case of rush job (over 5 pages per day) or weekend job, up to 50% will be added to the price.

Discounts are offered for voluminous works and to loyal customers.
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